Unlimited world of children`s books

It is often stated that a book is a picturesque view to the world. Books illustrate an infinite in which everything is possible. That statement is absolutely true when we talk about children`s books: they find out an endless world of emotions, images, pictures, knowledge…

Yesterday I gave two books of fairy tales, Hansel and Gretel by Brothers Grimm and Thumbelina (Andersen), to my niece. Books are part of the series ‘My childhood: fairy tales in pictures’ by the publisher Svetlyo Kantardjiev (New Media Group). It was a great surprise, however, the kid did not show the slightest interest, referring to the book as a worthless piece of paper.

For sure, it was not a child`s fault. Someone should take her little hand and show the magical world that I already described; someone should be her guide to the new worlds of strange creations and remote lands. The best time to be done it is at very early age. It can be just a book with pictures or one of those beautiful three-dimensional cardboard books – the main point is to put the kid in the beginning, to make it understand that there is another world in the paper book; a world that can teach a lot.

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